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     Our MISSION STATEMENT is to eternally impact marriage and family relationships with the truth of scripture. With that as our guide, we have set off on a lifelong journey together to share what has been so freely given to us over the course of our thirty-plus years of marriage.

     In the late 1980's I (Greg) was enrolled in a college course that introduced me to the wonder of literature. It was in that class that I read Homer's Odyssey. The plight of Homer's involvement in the Trojan war, and his subsequent battles to make it back home to his bride Penelope, resonated with me. Unlike Homer, I was no war hero. Instead, I was a wretched piece of humanity who was trying to rebuild a broken life. It was during this time that my wife, Melissa, began her own journey toward healing and restoration.

     Fortunately, our lives were impacted for all eternity by Christian men and women who shared with us the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Hope was then born in our hearts. With that hope came a resilience to change the trajectory of our lives and future. With Jesus as our guide, we have never looked back. 

     What we have come to realize over the course of our journey together, is that many other marriage and family relationships are much like ours once was - broken and without hope. We see this especially among those who are called the least of these in scripture, prisoners and their loved ones. Thus, our mission today is to bring the truth of scripture to marriages and families facing insurmountable odds, no matter what these might be. Whether it is leading a marriage seminar, teaching a class, or providing some form of life coaching, we simply want to be a gift to others; and remind them of the eternal hope that can be found only in the Lord Jesus Christ.                                


                                                                                  From our hearts to yours,

                                                                                     Greg & Melissa Alvis                                                     

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