Ephesians 521 Ministries has been solely dependent upon the Lord to be a self-sustaining ministry during our initial years of development. We are now in a season of growth where we are praying the Lord will provide through His people. Would you prayerfully consider coming alongside us to help reach families in need of hope? If you wonder whether what we do matters, listen to those who have been impacted:

 "My Husband and I truly appreciate everything you did for us and the opportunity you gave us to attend your marriage seminar. This was the first seminar we had ever attended in the 6 yrs that we've been married. Again, thank you for allowing us to make memories with each other and for allowing us to renew our vows. It was perfect and wonderful..." 

 "Thank you so much for sponsoring the marriage seminar... It was such a joy to be able to spend so much time with my husband, focusing on improving our communication and understanding of one another to strengthen our marriage."

 "It took me a while to reflect on our marriage seminar after flying back to Singapore. Indeed, it was an amazing time that I had with my husband. We were able to really connect on a deeper level..."

 "Thank you both for the wonderful day! You both are a wonderful blessing to all those you serve."

 "I cannot thank you enough for the whole seminar it was eye opening and heart changing."


 "I wanted to thank you both for the Seminar, and taking the time to come and talk to us about your experience. This really helped me. I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you once again." 

 "Thank You so much for this weekend. It meant the world to us. We are truly grateful for everything that you guys did. Thank You!"

 "I am so grateful for both of you-this seminar came at the most perfect time and was so needed. May God continue to bless you both and your ministry."

 "I cannot thank you all enough for what yesterday did for my marriage and my husband. You two are truly gifts from God and I feel so blessed and so grateful to have been a part of the amazing work you all are doing." 

 "It meant so much to be able to participate in growing our marriage together, in person, as one bonded together in this journey. Hearing of your experience gives us hope for our future and enduring this time of trial together."

 "Thank you for the amazing seminar. It helped us to realize that we are going to make it through this chapter of our lives..."


 "Thank you so much. It was a wonderful experience and it has made us be more open with each other and more in love with the one and only true King of kings. Our God is so amazing and blesses us in the right time." 

From the Chaplains Desk:

 "You identified with the men and your wife with the wives. Your personal testimonies were touching and real to life as to how the Father ministered to you as You requested His help in time of need. Your manual is very well received and appropriate."

 "The seminar provides a channel to the hope (Jesus) who sustains the biblical values of marriage. The two becomes one flesh (Genesis 2:24).We look forward to working with you in 2019."


 "It lays down the foundation for marriage (Christ). It helps offenders understand that a real marriage endures hardships.  It helps wives of incarcerated offenders and the offenders be aware of the difficulties the incarceration has caused on each of them."


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