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Letter To Friends

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

Dear Friends,

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is with hearts filled with gratitude that we look back upon 2019; experiencing yet another year in which God has blessed us with many opportunities to see old friends, meet new ones and experience such a sweet joy to serve alongside our fellow brothers and sisters.

It is with great anticipation we look forward to 2020, to all the good things the Lord will have us do, as well as, to all He will do in our lives and yours. As the New Year unfolds, it is our prayer for you and your family that with each day given, you experience God in the fullest in and around your lives. In your quiet time, in His Word and in prayer - asking Him to lead you in response to Him concerning your personal life, family, work (co-workers, employers, supervisors), community (environment, friends, enemies), church and our nation (president, congress, etc).

Hold fast to His promiseFear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed for I am your God, I will strengthen you, I will help you. I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." ~Isaiah 41:10. Continue to be encouraged – mindful of all the spiritual markers placed throughout the past years in which He has given you of Himself ~ His grace, His comfort, His direction - beautiful reminders of His presence in your life and His promise to you, “I will never leave nor forsake you” as stated in ~Hebrews 13:5

Let it be the peace and joy of being His that anchors your heart, keeping you steadfast now and forevermore - as living stones, being built up as a spiritual sacrifice - chosen and precious unto Jesus Christ, our cornerstone. ~ 1Peter 2:4 paraphrased

May grace and peace be multiplied to you. In Christ alone, we pray.

Our love to you and your precious family.

Melissa and Greg

December 27, 2019

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